Claim Services

Whether you're a CFO, claim professional, corporate risk manager or product developer, at ECC Horizon you'll have access to some of the most experienced and case-hardened professionals in the environmental liability business. Our experts understand your financial objectives and deliver the solutions you need to achieve your economic goals.

ECC Horizon's experts include skilled settlement specialists, claim strategists, engineers, geologists, and adjusters. We understand the importance of responding rapidly to fast-developing events and rigorously assessing changing liabilities. We know that seemingly equal solutions can produce widely varying economic results. And we understand the value in finding solutions that are simply stated, concisely explained and supported by the facts.

With insight and knowledge based on years of service to insurers and policyholders of every size and in every region of the country, we provide remedies that are uniquely suited to our clients' and partners' special needs. If settling environmental liabilities is your business goal, we speak your language.

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