Claim Consulting

Claim Consulting

ECC Horizon's claim consulting services can resolve virtually any kind of insurer and policyholder need. Our 30 years of experience delivering liability exit-strategies and controlling claim costs make us the ideal partner in our clients' enterprise-wide settlement and risk management programs.

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  • Full Service Site Remediation

    As a full service site remediation company since 1990, we have reduced environmental cleanup obligations for insurers and policyholders by over $1.3 billion. Through informed dialogue with regulators and cost effective remedial methods, our experts develop compliance strategies that avoid unnecessary effort and eliminate excessive costs. Whether a claim is caused by a simple spill or a catastrophic contamination, we settle the associated liabilities efficiently, economically, and predictably.

  • Forensic Cause & Origin Investigations

    Our forensic experts use proven scientific and engineering methods to precisely identify the cause and origin of environmental conditions as well as their occurrence time frames. Whether the claimed damages result from mechanical failure, human error, normal wear or other fault, we provide the evidence needed to identify causation, establish liability, allocate costs and succeed in subrogation against responsible parties.

  • Subrogation & Allocation

    We analyze technical information to accurately identify the parties responsible for pollution damages. Where multiple parties are involved, we assess physical conditions to allocate liability equitably. Our experts are skilled in identifying dispositive evidence and articulating clear and compelling narratives whenever definitive proofs are required.

  • Remediation Cost Control

    When policyholders retain vendors to perform remedial work, we direct and manage the compliance services to ensure they are necessary, properly rendered and appropriately charged. We confirm that every activity proceeds according to agreed costs, and in the best interests of policyholders and funding sources alike.

  • Loss & Expense Analyses

    Our expert teams precisely allocate expenses and indemnity costs to settle claims equitably and provide vital information about our clients' management processes and case outcomes.

  • National Adjustment & Auditing

    We maintain the nation's only database of usual and customary pricing for environmental services. This essential resource is regularly updated by our researchers, and is a vital tool for adjusting vendor proposals and invoices covering any remedial service. As a comprehensive survey of pricing throughout the country, ECC Horizon's adjusters rely on the database to develop cost-effective compliance strategies and analyze vendor operations.

  • Emergency Response

    We maintain a comprehensive network of independent emergency response organizations in every region of the country. Our in-house experts travel 24/7 without charge anywhere in the U.S. For emergent claims, our primary objectives are to:

    1. Establish early control over cleanup activities
    2. Identify claimed damages
    3. Assess liability
    4. Avoid unnecessary response work
    5. Cost-effectively repair qualified damages.

    Under our "Go-Anywhere" program, we mobilize to claim sites throughout the U.S. with no charge for travel-related labor and other expenses for the life of the claim. We simply consider every case to be 'just around the corner'.

  • Litigation Support & Testimony

    Our senior experts regularly support their clients' litigation activities and work closely with attorneys to develop successful strategies. We have a strong record of prevailing in fact and expert matters involving both civil and criminal actions. Our work includes a published opinion featuring both our expert services and testimony. We believe that plainly demonstrated facts, concisely explained to support self-evident conclusions, produce the most desirable outcomes.

  • Indoor Air Remediation

    Indoor air contamination can often increase environmental liabilities and the associated costs of repair. We use efficient remedial technologies to resolve these complicating conditions. Our low-cost abatement methods typically include vapor mitigation, sub-slab depressurization and vapor intrusion coating, among other remedial strategies.