Claim Resolution

Claim Resolution

Claim Resolution Modeling
We've developed proven systems for predicting the scheduled costs, probabilities and time frames for resolving complex property pollution claims involving multiple variables. Our advantage gives clients effective tools for reliably anticipating and controlling future outcomes.

Remediation Cost Control
Since 1990, our full service site remediation division has reduced environmental cleanup obligations for insurers and policyholders by more than $1.3 billion. Through our informed work with regulators and cost-effective remedial solutions, we develop settlement strategies that eliminate uneccesary effort and excessive costs. Whether a claim is caused by a simple spill or a catastrophic contamination, we resolve the resulting liabilities efficiently, economically and predictably.

Claim Supervision & Management
When claim closure depends on the work of independent service providers, we direct and manage the required compliance activities to ensure they are proper, cost effective, and on schedule. We verify that every pollution repair serves the best interests of insurers and property owners alike.

Claim Adjusting & Auditing
We evaluate ongoing and uncertain pollution claims to determine whether indemnity repairs are necessary, properly rendered and appropriately charged. Our work is supported by our unique national database of usual and customary pricing for environmental services throughout the US. This is an essential tool for adjusting compliance activities, evaluating claim progress and predicting future closure results.

Subrogation & Allocation
We analyze important technical information to identify the parties responsible for pollution damages. When multiple parties are involved, we assess physical conditions to allocate liability accurately. Our experts are skilled in identifying dispositive evidence and articulating clear and compelling narratives whenever definitive cost-sharing proofs are required.

Litigation Support
We regularly provide litigation support to help clients prevail in fact and expert matters involving both civil and criminal actions. When settlements are complicated by disputes over technical data and physical evidence, our experts sift through contested material to identify coherent patterns of information leading to self-evident conclusions.