Site Remediation

Site Remediation

Full Service Site Remediation
Since 1990, our full service site remediation division has reduced pollution cleanup obligations for insurers, policyholders and property owners by over $1.3 billion. Through informed dialogue with regulators and cost-effective remedial methods, our experts develop strategies to avoid uneccesary effort and eliminate excessive costs. Whether a claim is caused by a simple spill or a catastrophic contamination event, we settle the liability efficiently, economically and predictably.

Groundwater Remediation
Persistent groundwater contamination is often the greatest obstacle to settling environmental liability. In some cases, groundwater conditions are improved through periodic monitoring, appropriate use restrictions or protective barriers. In other instances, the better solution is active treatment and remediation. When cleanup is required, our cost effective strategies are designed to avoid long-term compliance costs.

  • Biosparging
  • Aerobic/Anaerobic Bio-degradation
  • Carbon Adsorption
  • Dual Phase Vacuum Extraction
  • Chemical Oxidation
  • Reactive Barriers
  • Bioventing

Soil Remediation
Soil contamination is among the most common types of property pollution. Remediation strategies for this media typically depend on the character, concentration and extent of damages. When remediation is impractical or too costly, alternative strategies such as property use restrictions, protective barriers and periodic monitoring may offer better solutions.

When active soil remediation is the most efficient way to resolve liability, our success in correcting damages and controlling losses is well established. In 1991, we conducted the first large scale EPA-approved soil treatment program, remediating over 20,000 tons of hazardous soil without need for offsite disposal. Cost savings for our client exceeded $2 million. And today, we continue to lead in resolving soil pollution liabilities through cost-effective solutions, including:

  • Chemical Oxidation
  • Bio-remediation
  • Soil Vapor Extraction
  • Solidification and Stabilization
  • Excavation

Spill Response Management
We provide round-the-clock services to resolve emergency roadway spills, facility discharges and other pollution events in every region of the country. Our in-house experts travel 24/7 without charge anywhere in the US. For emergent claims, our primary goals are to: (1) establish early control over cleanup costs, (2) identify claimed damages, (3) assess liability, (4) avoid unnecessary response activities, and (5) cost-effectively repair qualified damages.

Through our "Go-Anywhere" program, we mobilize to claim sites across the US. with no charge for travel-related labor and other expenses during the life of the claim. We simply consider every project to be 'just around the corner'.

Indoor Air Remediation
Indoor air contamination can increase environmental liabilities and their associated repair costs. We regularly use the most efficient remedial technologies to resolve compromised indoor conditions. Our low cost abatement methods typically include vapor mitigation, sub-slab depressurization, vapor intrusion coating and other effective methods.