Loss Control

Loss Control

Our forensic experts provide the proofs needed to establish causation, implicate responsible parties, allocate costs, identify off-site contamination sources and support subrogation efforts.

Remediation Systems
Our expert engineering teams reduce claim losses by designing optimized soil and groundwater remediation systems for any site condition. This delivers faster cleanup, minimizes energy costs, and lowers maintenance charges to achieve the most beneficial results.

Plume Delineation
We accurately determine the physical extent of contamination to help our clients establish reliable loss expectations, defend against improper claims, pursue responsible parties and promote fair settlements with confidence.

Contaminant Characterization​
Expertly identifying chemical compounds is essential for conducting cost-effective remediations and linking damages to multiple responsible parties. Our scientists are trained to characterize contaminant conditions, find scientific evidence of causative events, and formulate ready solutions.

In-Situ/Ex Situ Treatment
We have years of experience treating subsurface impacts without invasive property damage. Our goal is to minimize disposal, restoration and relocation costs in order to achieve the most desirable outcomes possible.

Emergency Response
With no charge for travel to claim sites across the U.S., our emergency response program puts our experts on the ground early to control spill losses, avoid unnecessary remediation efforts, and minimize vendor costs arising from emergent events.

Treatment System Upgrades
Our experts reduce long-term claim costs by upgrading or replacing obsolete remedial systems to increase cleanup effectiveness and improve responses to changing site conditions and regulations.

Vapor Intrusion Abatement
Investigating contaminated vapor intrusion claims and taking abatement action is a regular part of our work. Whether testing emissions or implementing permanent remedies, our experts provide fast and cost-effective solutions.