Who We Are

ECC Horizon is a leading provider of pollution claim services for insurers and property owners across the US. Since 1986, we’ve reduced indemnity cleanup and compliance costs by over $1.3 billion and helped resolve over 12,500 pollution claims in every region of the country.

We offer a broad range of unique pollution claim programs. These include our fixed cost closure guarantees, SIR loss cap protections, no-cost travel to claim sites anywhere in the US, and customized reserve solutions. Our core services include causation, allocation, and subrogation, as well as site remediation, regulatory settlement, vendor supervision, auditing and litigation support.

Our success, however, isn't simply based on our expertise. It comes from our dedication to the following core principles:

We believe that personal character informs professional conduct. We believe that successful results depend on rigorous standards of objectivity, transparency and disclosure. We are observers and presenters of fact. As impartial examiners of evidence, we look for logical consistencies to promote informed decision-making and beneficial action.

We adhere to the scientific method; gathering objective and empirical evidence. We do not use information in pursuit of predetermined outcomes or argue for the interests of one party over another. Instead, we sift through often contradictory, ambiguous and inconsistent data to identify coherent patterns of information leading to supportable conclusions.

Our purpose is to take actions and reach conclusions that are unbiased and rational. In weighing evidence, we strive to provide advice that is balanced, tolerant of imperfect information, sensitive to variation and cognizant of countervailing data.

Our clients and partners rely on us to advise them prudently, represent facts accurately, and prevail in matters of science and evidence. They depend on us to treat them, their customers and investors with dignity and respect. We are gratified that after years of service we remain their trusted advisors, respected experts and reliable partners.

We hope the information in these pages encourages you to consider ECC Horizon for all of your property pollution and environmental liability needs. To learn more, please contact us. We welcome your inquiries.