state licensed professionals

We have a national reputation for solving complex pollution problems quickly and cost effectively.

State licensed professionals are required in many states to resolve property pollution issues. In some states, our licensed professionals act as independent regulators without State oversight.

Choosing the right state licensed professional is the first step toward resolving pollution liabilities quickly and economically. We’re sensitive to the economic burdens that environmental compliance can impose on property owners and other responsible parties. That’s why we’re committed to providing the most efficient solutions to restore property and ensure our clients’ success.


  • Site investigation
  • Regulatory Communication
  • Compliance Cost Control
  • Remediation Budget Planning
  • Remediation Vendor Oversight
  • Project Completion

typical project types

  • Industrial Properties
  • Fuel oil, diesel and gas spills
  • Chlorinated solvent impacts
  • Dry cleaners
  • Auto & truck service stations
  • Historic landfill contamination

experienced & professional

ECC Horizon’s Stale Licensed Professionals have more state specific experience repairing property pollution damage than anyone else.

Whether you’re developing a property for reuse, restoring its fair market value, or simply eliminating liability, we’ll provide the solutions you need to succeed.

Litigation and expert witness support

We provide technical support services and prepare expert opinions for presentation in reports, depositions and trials.

ECC provides expert testimony, research, technical assistance and other litigation support services regarding causation, cost assessment and allocation, usual and customary practices, evaluation of services rendered, compliance cost estimating, co-mingled plume evaluations, and environmental forensics. 

We also provide technical assistance and support in regulatory negotiations with government agencies and advise in the development of compliance planning and design strategies.

litigation support services

  • Persuasive data visualization graphics
  • Historical site use and event time frame forensics
  • Contamination source identification
  • Document discovery assistance
  • Trial preparation and demonstratives
  • Document & report preparation
  • Assisting in preparing for fact and expert witness depositions
  • Assisting in preparing for opposing expert depositions
  • Development of trial exhibits

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